Wi-Fi Speaker Paging System

Easy Setup – Clear High Fidelity Sound

The wireless PA speaker system provides organizations with an excellent method to use their Wi-Fi network to communicate throughout their facilities. If you have Wi-Fi in your facility than this intercom system would be ideal for you. Installation is as simple as plugging the speaker into a power outlet. The software allows you to provide zones or groups to select your area of broadcasting for the WiFi speakers.

This Distinct System Operates as a WiFiPublic Address System and a Bell Scheduling System
Schedule Classes & Meeting with Wide Selections of Chimes & Tones

We can provide you a demo of this wonderful technology. It will allow you to broadcast live voice, pre-recorded messages, chimes, tones, music, etc. Learn how you can handle critical and operational communications. The controlling software comes with a scheduling software that is very straight forward to use. This product eliminates the need for you to run cables to speakers. The wireless PA speaker system only needs to have traditional AC power. The speakers will receive their messages over your existing Wi-Fi network system.

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