Wi-Fi Clock System

Wifi Clocks

Wi-Fi Clocks are a perfect fit for a number of organizations. Our line of Wi-Fi clocks includes both battery operated and electric clocks.

If you have a Wi-Fi network at your organization than WiFi clocks are one option you should consider. The advantage that Wi-Fi has over wireless clocks is that they do not need a transmitter to broadcast a time code to maintain a synchronized master clock system.

In addition to Wi-Fi clocks we provide IP – PoE Network Ethernet Clocks and GPS wireless clocks. Each system has different set of advantages and we can easily present the options that would be appropriate for your budget and the needs of the organization.

Wi-Fi Clock Features:

  • Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty
  • Battery Version: 2.5-year battery life (2 AA batteries) or 5-year battery life (4 AA batteries
  • Software included with advanced reporting capabilities:
    • Cloud-based software shows the status of each clock’s battery power and Wi-Fi signal strength
      • Green for good, Red for not good
      • Supervision Server will send email notifications if a clock is low on power or is receiving a weak signal
    • If a clock is low on power or not receiving a strong enough signal, the software will send you a message notifying you.
    • No other Wi-Fi clock has this advanced level of reporting

WiFi clock will pull the time from your computer network. Therefore, the clocks on the wall will display the same time that is displayed on all your network attached devices.

Having synchronized reliable accurate time is a great advantage for so many organizations. Certainly, the maintenance issues such as adjustments for daylight saving time is gone because they automatically make the time adjustments both in the spring and fall.

Let’s us give you some recommendation so that your organization can benefit from reliable accurate synchronized timing.

We can quickly provide you the options and pricing. Please call us at 800-964-5749 or fill out the quick quote form.

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