Qualities & Warranty

Clock Quality

Chomko LA has a passion for quality. It is quality that delivers reliability and peace of mind to our customers. Clock quality starts with a quality movement. Our movement is an extremely high precision movement and is considered number one in the clock industry. The movement case is ABS made with glass fiber. This material is extremely strong and will hold dimensions in cold or hot temperatures.

All press, dies and molds for this movement are from top grade hardened steel material. The gears are made with Acetal material instead of ABS. This increases the cost but gives us the quality needed for an extended product life. To achieve superior battery life, we increased the amount of copper wire on our bobbin. The main integrated circuit board in our clock is from Nippon Precision Circuit in Japan, a well-respected manufacturing company. The quartz crystal is from Epson, one of the top three quartz crystal manufacturers in the world.

Our outdoor post clocks, street clocks and golf clocks are mounted on a cast aluminum structure with a powdered coated finish. This process protects the clock structure from rust resulting in a maintenance free product. All of this comes together to deliver time with the utmost quality.

Partner Products

The partners that we represent are some of the finest manufacturers in the world. We are proud to bring these partners to our customers coupled with our commitment to service.


We offer excellent standard warranties and affordable extended warranty plans. Nevertheless, our systems are designed and engineered to be virtually maintenance free!