We offer quality clock and communication products to golf courses, cities & towns, hospitals, schools and more. All of our products are encapsulated by our motto “Nothing Counts Like Excellent Service”.

Golf Course Clocks

We are the industry leaders for golf course clock products. Our quality selection includes:

  • Ornate Post Clocks
  • Pace of Play Clocks
  • A-Frame Clocks
  • Building/Clubhouse Clocks

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Street Clocks

The Solar & Electric street clocks are perfect for sidewalks, parks and courtyards. We offer a wide selection of designs that are available in single, double and four-sided designs.

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Master Clock Systems

Wi-Fi clocks, IP-PoE clocks, Wired Clocks, UHF Wireless Clocks – no matter your time keeping needs, we have you covered.

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Paging & Speaker Systems

Cover your entire organization with an efficient, maintenance free speaker system.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Speakers
  • Wi-Fi & IP-PoE Speakers
  • Public Address & Bell Scheduling

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Building & Tower Clocks

We bring technology, craftsmanship and quality construction together to deliver top of the line building and tower clocks.

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