Master Clock Systems

Chomko LA offers a wide range of clock systems suitable to all organizations. From WiFi clocks, IP-PoE clocks and UHF Wireless clocks, we have you covered. Our approach is tooffer your organization multiple options with different price points to meet your budget.

Wi-Fi Clocks

Wi-Fi wireless clocks offers the greatest flexibility for a wireless clock system. Our Wi-Fi analog and digital clocks allow you to place the clock anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal.

These clocks have the most advanced level of reporting of any other Wi-Fi clock, backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty.

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IP-PoE Network Clocks

The performance of our clock systems; be it wireless or PoE, is maintenance free. The IP-PoE clocks are a simple end point device on your Ethernet Network. It will pull time from your computer network or a specific network time server, delivering accurate reliable time.

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UHF Wireless Clocks

Our custom synchronized clock system improves the productivity of every school, university and business by getting everyone on the same time all the time.

The Wireless Synchronized Clock System is simple, accurate, and keeps all of your clocks displaying the same time all the time. The clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time, you will never need a ladder to take a clock down to make adjustments. We offer analog, digital, and LCD clocks. In addition to a wide selection of clocks you have your choice of electric or battery operated. The battery-operated clocks have a 4-year battery life.

Customers purchase our Wireless Synchronized Clock System for the following reasons:

-Reduce conflicts resulting from different clocks displaying different time

-Two-year warranty

-Excellent pricing

-Maintenance free clock system

-Higher productivity

-Better run meetings

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Chomko LA provided us a complete wireless clock system that is maintenance free and affordable. The clocks work perfect, I am very happy with them. If people need synchronized timing, it works perfect!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – Cleveland, OH