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Wireless Bell Systems

Our wireless bell systems are perfect for schools that need to synchronize bells wirelessly. We use a bell controller that will control your physical bells. If you do not have physical bells we can also provide you with a complete bell controller and bell system. This system is also ideal for when your organization would benefit from accurate reliable clocks. The wireless school clocks and the wireless bell system would receive their time from a GPS or NTP supplied receiver and be broadcast by a plug n’ play 5 watt transmitter. The Transmitter is an FCC licensed device and protects you against interference. Call us at 412-482-3822 or go to the contact us section to reach us.

Network Bell Commander

If your current bell system is not working we can provide you with a network school bell controller that will gets your bells to ring on schedule and automatically adjust for daylight saving time. The system is simple to install, easy to use and maintenance free. Contact us Today and we can quickly determine if this system is an affordable option for you. Please contact us today for more information and if you are looking for an on premises paging broadcast system please visit our IP – PoE Paging Products page.