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At Chomko LA, we strive for originality and character in a modern world of metal skyscrapers and lack luster building designs. Our outdoor post clocks, both Solar and Electric, provide a new standard for harkening back to the elegance of craftsmanship, all while maintaining the state of the art functionality of the future. Let us help you envision your new space with our main street clocks in it by showing what we offer.

Unleash the Beauty of Your Sidewalks, Parks, and Courtyards!

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Solar Street Clocks

Our solar street clocks are designed to keep with the times, both through their flawless synchronicity with GPS-based time, and in their virtually carbon-less footprint, as they run on solar energy.

The beauty of these customizable clocks speak for themselves, but they will also become a true conversation starter when your patrons realize how they function without harming the environment as well.

Let’s face it, it’s never been more important than now to “go green,” and with this clock outside your shop or on main street, you invest in a value system that many forward-thinking people share today, showing your care and good intent!

And it’s not just the Earth’s energy sources you’ll be saving with this clock: our solar clocks are also virtually maintenance free given that they require only milliamps of energy from sunlight exposure and no other maintenance considerations. As golf course clocks the appeal of not incurring the expense of running electric cables has given solar an advantage.


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This means you will have much more time and money to focus on your surrounding space and friendly passersby. Did we mention the installation is also practically hassle free? If you decide to go this route, we will help design a beautiful custom clock for your needs, and then take care of the rest—dreamy right? Here are a few more specifics:

  • Installation requires no digging, electrical line/infrastructure installations, or monthly electric bills
  • Guaranteed accuracy of time setting 365 days a year, even in accordance with Daylight Saving Time.
  • The only maintenance is trimming the lawn around the base.
  • The customization of our clocks allows for hand-painted inscriptions of important names or titles, plus the option between Roman or Arabic numerals
  • The most Advanced Solar Technology available today allows us to create perfectly synchronized clocks for anywhere in the US, sea to shining sea

Electric Street Clocks

As the skies darken at night, our eyes are drawn to lights that guide our way. With our electric city tower clocks, we not only guide your way in space but in time! Perhaps the most stunning feature of our electric clocks are the brilliantly backlit dial-faces, illuminating the precise time to anyone passing by. There is no need for patrons to look down at their phones with one of these clocks around, creating a more open and interactive environment for everyone.

Additionally, our electric clocks come in many shapes and size including the number of dial-faces visible. Choose from our one, two, or even four-sided, backlit post styles, bringing as much light into your space as desired! These clocks aren’t just practical, but they provide a perfect landmark for people to meet-up or snap a Facebook-worthy photo day and night.

Just like with our solar post clocks, these electric city clocks are customizable, giving you the option to have hand-painted inscriptions. Let your character speak through our clocks by imagining your organization’s name, a generous donor, or even a sentimental memorial inscribed on this beautiful timepiece. We can get this special clock ticking for you!

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Street Clocks for Sale

The process of purchasing a clock begins with a simple quick quote to determine if it is a fit for your budget. We can easily provide you with a quote with a click on the quick quote button. We have a number of options for you to choose from and will be glad to provide the pricing for your consideration.

We have two main product lines. Our contemporary line offers a fresh look and is available in solar. This line has the choice of nameplates styles from the Spartan or the Classical. The bottom nameplate can serve a couple of different functions. It can be as simple as providing the date the facility was established or it can be expanded to an appropriate size to be a memorial plaque.

The contemporary line can provide your grounds with a beautiful solar clock that is not only accurate but also very eye appealing.

Our Cambridge Clock Line truly brings the touch of yesterday to your main street or court yard. The Cambridge is available in either solar or electric. The design of our Cambridge model is appreciated by many of our customers because it is reminiscent of a time when life ran at a slower pace. The electric version allows for dial face lighting option.

Street Clock Repair

Is your current street clock in need of repair? Throughout the years there have been many street clock manufacturers. We are able to fix most of their products. Affordable main street clock repair is one of our specialties.

The first step in determining if it is possible to repair your old clock landmark is to exchange information about your outdoor clock. Of course, providing a number of pictures enables us to get a visual of your project and help to identify the necessary steps needed to get the repair under way.

In most cases if we are able to get inside the clock to the motor we would be able to repair the unit. It’s really is quite simple to put another clock motor in the chassis and repair the lighting system if need be. Nevertheless, getting into the unit could be tricky depending on the age of the time piece.

There are many types of city clocks, and not just post clock, they can be canister clocks or an open hand clock that are on a building face or structure. Restoring them to their original glory with accurate and reliable time for all to see is always a rewarding project
We want all outdoor clocks to be displaying the correct time in a beautiful fashion. Please give us a call today, we are here to help.

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