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Post Clocks – Solar

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Make Your Grounds Even more Attractive! Unite Your Driving Range and 1st Tee with a well-placed 24” Solar Clock!
Members are Happy when Everything is on Time!

The qualities of your clock system should be synonymous with the character of your organization; reliable, tasteful, and enduring. At Chomko LA, we pride ourselves on bringing clients superior quality clocks that are custom to fit your respected organization.

Installing our Outdoor Solar GPS-Accurate Clocks at your facility not only enhances the look and feel of the grounds but will improve the overall operations by keeping everyone on the exact time all the time. These clocks are truly one of a kind. The only available outdoor clock available that is GPS Time Accurate, Completely Waterproof and 100% Green. They do not require direct sunlight, only a minimal amount of sun is needed. This broadens your options of where you want to place your clock.

“Just wanted to let you know that the clock is a huge hit! I love it and we’ve had a lot of positive comments from guests, owners and employees. Thanks again!”

Email from Kevin Lawson, General Manager, Beachwood Golf Club – North Myrtle Beach, SC

We have a wonderful brochure with a number of selections and recent installation photos, click below to download:

Golf Course Clocks
Pace of Play Clocks

Clocks visually provide the official time for your facility. Nobody walks past a 24” outdoor clock without looking at it. This intrinsic value of outdoor clocks is important on golf courses, tennis courts and throughout the grounds when people need to be at a certain place on time.

The solar capability of our clocks allow you to place them at key locations at your facility; driving range, parking lot, a golf hole, at the tennis court, etc… This gets your members/guests on the course’s official time.




Post Clock 2

Customize your golf course clock!

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