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Pace Of Play Clocks

Proactive positive amicable approach to maintaining a great pace of play at your golf course. The solution will resolve slow play issues and deliver a great well managed pace at your club.


“Pace of play has been a major issue throughout my entire professional career. I’ve tried everything from implementing strict pace of play policies, setting the golf courses up easier, to placing a time matrix on the score cards. This year we made the decision to purchase four pace of play clocks from Chomko.

Placing those clocks on the golf course has improved the pace play more than anything else I’ve implemented. The golfers love them and I would highly recommend them as a tool to assist in managing the pace of play at your golf course.”–The Meadows GC Littleton, CO

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A Great Round of Golf is One that is Played at a Good Pace


Last year the Entrada Pro Shop at Snow Canyon Country Club needed to take positive steps to Maintain a Great Pace and they installed accurate and reliable clocks on the course. Now with a Glance of the Eye Players Keep their Pace and Golf is Fast and Enjoyable!


Keeping the Pace of Play at Club de Polo in Chile, South America

Golf courses are adopting this wonderful golfer orient approach to slow play with Golf’s Game Clocks.

Clocks on the Course are a natural fit with the Game. Golf is the only game where players call penalties on themselves and instinctively will abide by the Pace of Play time displayed on the clocks.

To understand and learn more about how the solution works please click here to see your clock options and more detail information: Golf slow play solution


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    Golf Clocks:

  • With a Glance of the Eye – Players Keep their Pace Throughout 18 Holes
  • Excellent Customer Service Approach
  • Increase Play by Being a Course Where Pace of Play is Pro-Actively Managed
  • We Recommend 5 Clocks per 18 Holes Starting at the 1st Tee

The Golf Clocks are strategically placed at key holes and are a friendly positive way to keep play moving. The clocks set the course’s pace thereby improving everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

Street Clocks and Clubhouse Clocks

If you are looking for a solar or electric landmark post clock or a building clubhouse clock we have a wonderful selection of post clocks designed to meet the tightest budgets. Please visit our Solar and Electric Clocks page.

You can also download our full Golf Clocks Brochure Golf Course Clocks
Dependable and accurate timepieces are a key element of clubhouse design. It provides an interesting design element and can create a wonderful atmosphere both in the daytime and nighttime.

A solar clock is perfect for the practice facilities at clubs and country clubs. It eliminates the need to put in electric lines. This of course saves easily a couple thousand dollars and maybe more depending on where you are bringing electric from and what you must trench.

Electric options are also available and offer dial face lightning creating a wonderful night time ambience.