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Master Clock Systems

Wi-Fi synchronized clock systems, IP – PoE Clock Systems, Wireless Clock Systems and universal clock replacements to existing master systems is our approach to offering your organization options with different price points to meet your budget.


PoE Network Clocks

The performance of our clock systems, be it wireless or PoE is maintenance free. The PoE version clocks are a simple end point device on your Ethernet Network. It will pull time from your computer network or a specific network time server.

There are two important elements of our Network Clock Systems. The first is the software. The software allows you to control each individual clock and you will know if it is in sync and online. Additionally the clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time.

The second advantage is that you do not need to have a power outlet where you want to place the clock. The power is delivered by the network cable. This flexibility allows you to place the clock exactly at the location that is most beneficial.

We offer additional IP PoE paging intercom products. Our paging solution also include Wifi speaker systems.

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Wi-Fi Clocks

Wifi Clocks are a perfect fit for a number of organizations. Our line of Wi-Fi clocks include both battery operated and electric clocks.

If you have a Wifi network at your organization than Wi-Fi clocks are one option you should consider. The advantage that Wi-Fi has over wireless clocks is that they do not need a transmitter to broadcast a time code to maintain a synchronized master clock system.

In addition to Wifi clocks we provide IP – PoE Network Ethernet Clocks and GPS wireless clocks. Each system has different set of advantages and we can easily present the options that would be appropriate for your budget and the needs of the organization.

Wi-Fi clock will pull the time from your computer network. Therefore, the clocks on the wall will display the same time that is displayed on all your network attached devices.

Having synchronized reliable accurate time is a great advantage for so many organizations. Certainly the maintenance issues such as adjustments for daylight saving times is gone because they automatically make the time adjustments both in the spring and fall.

Let’s us give you some recommendation so that your organization can benefit from reliable accurate synchronized timing.

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Wifi wireless clocks is the next evolution for the master system. It offers the greatest in flexibility for a wireless clock system. Our Wi-Fi analog and digital clocks allow you to place the clock anywhere you have a Wifi signal.

The analog clocks can be battery or electric. The Wi-Fi digital clocks are electric and can operate on a variety of power options.

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Synchronized Clock


Wireless Clocks

Our custom synchronized clock system improves the productivity of every school, university and business by getting everyone on the same time all the time.

Our Wireless Synchronized Clock System is simple, accurate, and keeps all of your clocks displaying the same time all the time. The clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time, you will never need a ladder to take a clock down to make adjustments. We offer analog, digital, and LCD clocks. In addition to a wide selection of clocks you have your choice of electric or battery operated. The battery operated clocks have a 4 year battery life.

Customers purchase our Wireless Synchronized Clock System for the following reasons:

-Reduce conflicts resulting from different clocks displaying different time
-Two year warranty
-Excellent pricing
-Maintenance free clock system
-Higher productivity
-Better run meetings

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