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IP – PoE Paging Products

IP – PoE Paging Products

We offer a full line of paging public address system products. These products comply with IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af engineering standards. As a distributor we partner with quality manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the best solution for their organization.

The manufacturers we represent are quality top tiered companies. Our customers rely on our expertise to the provide the best solution for them, not just one manufacturer’s point of view.

We will evaluate your project and provide you a couple different options based on your specific needs. The result is a perfect solution not only in price but also in value and performance.

Combining audio alerts with digital signage provides for a complete unified communications platform. Please visit our digital signage page

Todays world is filled with great software development companies and hardware manufacturer companies. Our training and experience permit us to offer you the best for your budget and requirements.

IP – PoE Indoor Speakers

We offer a variety of indoor speakers ranging from hallway speakers, single room speakers, intercom speakers. There are a number of paging system options that allow an organization to take exactly what they need.

With all of our IP – PoE audio paging systems they are scalable solutions. They allow you to deploy exactly the number of devices you initially need and easily grow as your requirement increases or your budget expands.

The other important element of our audio public address system is that that the bandwidth requirement is low. These devices will not over tax your Ethernet Network.

Audio Mass Notification is a critical part of building or campus communications. A unified communication platform makes critical communications and operational communication synchronized and dependable.

IP – PoE Outdoor Speakers

IP – PoE Outdoor speakers are ideal for broadcasting critical communications. Many campus environments need an ability to broadcast critical communications throughout the campus in times of emergencies and in normal times.

We design systems that can meet the need of large or small campus type environments. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide cost effective systems that meet todays objectives and can be scaled as needs change.

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Digital Message Displays

We offer an assortment of digital displays that will display accurate time, critical messages, informative messages and display alarms.

Many of these boards come with speakers built into display unit. Additionally a number of these boards include strobe lights for enhanced emergency communications.

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Speaker, Classroom Display doublesided digital display Digital Display Board

IP – PoE Clocks

These network clocks are highly accurate time pieces. We offer both analog and digital clocks.
Our software allows you to easily see if a clock is in sync or offline. They automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

They are excellent for establishing a world clock. The software allows you to set the time zones for each individual clock and setting it to the countries specific daylight saving time requirements.

The software is a PC based software solution that is very intuitive and maintenance free.

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